The GL-iNet AR750S-Ext: A perfect travel router?

The AR750S-Ext from GL-iNet is available on Amazon:

If you looked at my YouTube channel ( recently, you might think I represented a company called RAVPower. I don't, but I do like a product they make called the FileHub and the FileHub Plus. It's a travel router with a built-in battery and SD Card and can mount a hard drive. Its pretty magical for folks who want to back up their camera's photos to an external hard drive without bringing their laptop.

But sometimes folks don't need an SD Card. And they already have a battery. If you just need a travel router and don't want one with a UI that is as painful as the one RAVPower makes, then the AR750S-Ext from GL-iNet may be a better fit.

The "Slate," as they call the AR750S, is a Gigabit Ethernet router with wifi. There are 3-gigabit ethernet ports, and the device has OpenWRT and OpenVPN already set up and ready to go.

I think the device is pretty amazing and I will make a few more videos in the coming weeks that go over its features in more detail. Watch the video at the top to get a good introduction to the feature set and then be sure to subscribe to my channel.