Amazing Museums

Many people are lucky when they visit their local art museum once every few years. I was just thinking back on some of the museums I have seen just in the last couple of months. Its actually quite an amazing list. Yesterday I saw the massive sea-going vessels at the Viking Ship Museum and traditional Norwegian homes at the Norwegian Folk Museum, both in Oslo, Norway. Last week I saw aboriginal art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales near the Sydney Opera House and the Taronga Zoo overlooking Sydney Harbour. A couple of weeks before that it was the massive stained glass roof at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. A week before that it was the Asian Civilization Museum in Singapore, not only a wonderful place to learn of the cultures of the area, but also a lifesaving refuge from the heat outside. In the weeks before that it was the incredible Dubai Museum at Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai, and the Zagreb City Museum in the upper town of Zagreb. This is a fantastic list and one I hope to grow in the near future. In fact, I am looking forward to visiting the National Museum in Bangkok Thailand next weekend. Maybe since I am home I should visit theRijksmuseum here in Amsterdam this weekend. Or maybe a place I haven’t seen like the Netherlands Shipbuilding Museum, and compare what I see the Viking ships from yesterday.